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[ofbiz-tools] branch master created (now 7ac5d24)

Deepak Dixit-5
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

deepak pushed a change to branch master
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/ofbiz-tools.git.

      at 7ac5d24  Updates dependency-check-report.html

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new eb447a8  Implemented: Split the tools folder from the trunk and put it in another branch (OFBIZ-9256)
     new 555cdb1  Adds a simplified Windows version of the ex copyDtds Gradle task
     new 9c2fade  Sometimes you need to restart only the trunk demo and don't want to terminate the other OFBiz demos
     new 66a5ca0  Adds logwidthmarker and logtemplate tsvn properties
     new 1b8ce7e  Implemented: Rename "loadAll" the "loadDefault" Gradle task (OFBIZ-9411)
     new c8ffcbd  Implemented: Rename "loadAll" the "loadDefault" Gradle task (OFBIZ-9411)
     new c2ef37c  Implemented: Rename "loadAll" the "loadDefault" Gradle task (OFBIZ-9411)
     new fbb37b0  Improved: Adds 30 sec sleep after "ofbizBackground --shutdown" to allow time for OFBiz to stop (OFBIZ-9414)
     new aa2c0e4  Improved: Adds 30 sec sleep after "ofbizBackground --shutdown" to allow time for OFBiz to stop (OFBIZ-9414)
     new 544c213  Implemented: Adds 30 sec sleep after "ofbizBackground --shutdown" to allow time for OFBiz to stop (OFBIZ-9414)
     new 2fd99e0  Improved: Added a bash script to verify the release file, checking md5/sha checksums and the signature.
     new de65d7e  No functional change
     new cf688e3  As discussed with Taher few times in dev ML we don't need the daemon in demos and it's anyway only recommended for development. Or when an human interact with the system, not much the case here.
     new 52a4e97  "ofbiz --shutdown" is not reliable when there are other instances running. So back to terminateOfbiz despite its killing of all OFBiz running instances
     new 1af3385  Fixes a typo in previous commit: ofbiz is superfluous with terminateOfbiz
     new 95f63e7  No functional change, just make things more consistent with trunk-manual.sh
     new 25ca04d  Oops reverts previous commit, there is no loadAll in R16.11 :/
     new e602206  No functional change.
     new e8cb764  No functional change
     new 385f163  No functional change
     new 123aca5  No functional change
     new ffcd03e  Allows to not stop stable (and old later) when manually restarting trunk
     new fbb423f  Updates the file for the wiki
     new 4a1442a  Update about Let's Encrypt certificate renewal
     new eb80e78  Moves to right place
     new 2046f1e  Restores right file
     new 3c42265  Better with a link in Wiki
     new fb0385e  Better structure for the wiki-files
     new 450daa9  Adds the themes wiki file
     new d2371dc  Renames demo sub folder to demos
     new b8653e5  Puts right wiki file in themes sub folder
     new a2ae3a1  The ® sign was a bit ostentatious there
     new fbf8dd6  The ® sign was duplicated there
     new 84b7042  Better formatting
     new b0db5bd  Better formatting (not sure the wiki import will work though)
     new 2769efc  Documented: Upload updated omnigraffle files of the Big Book of Data Model 2017 (OFBIZ-9857)
     new 64c5adb  No functional change, adds rat-excludes.txt
     new 408ea50  No functional change, removes obsolete file
     new a1f1f71  No functional change, removes useless files since we use Gradle now
     new e22faa3  No functional change,
     new d40db06  No functional change,
     new 10706ef  No functional change, moves apache-ofbiz-project-overview.html to its right place: from documentation to wiki-files
     new f93064e  No functional change, 1st apache-ofbiz-project-overview.html review and update
     new eec9b26  The keywords meta are useless, Google and others no longer use them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK7IPbnmvVU
     new dd15372  Last touch: removed commented out code
     new 2b45e4b  No functional change.
     new 38d87ce  No functional change, updates dependency-check plugin
     new 329bebe  Fixed: OpenStreetMap geolocation no longer works (OFBIZ-)
     new 77b8895  No functional change, this icon is better to quickly find the tools
     new 6464261  Updates README.md.html
     new c26efd1  Updates the wiki imports
     new bfeff66  Updates the wiki imports
     new fb4f0ab  No functional changes. Correctly handles licenses
     new 1445338  No functional changes. fixes plugins/solr/home/zoo.cfg
     new 1a3156a  No functional change, warning about dashes, wiki file
     new 606ea7a  No functional change, adds a Further reading section with a warning about en dash
     new 3d14c80  No functional change, links to Further reading section from Quick start section
     new 23891f8  Completed: Create a DATAMODELCHANGES.md to track data model changes (OFBIZ-9902)
     new b29f3f5  Rather than an attachment at https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/OFBIZ/Coding+Conventions better to share here
     new 7f2f420  Adjust line length in all cases to 120 chars
     new acb38ef  Fixes a typo in mergefromtrunk.bat Adds mergefromplugins.bat
     new b0884d0  Now that plugins are split in release better to use an absolute path
     new b8d3b31  Fixes a typo in generated comment
     new d749d81  Useful sometimes
     new 1243ccc  Change SHA file extension from .sha to -sha512
     new 4c6e7d6  Changes the path to site dir
     new dc80236  Updates themes js references
     new d924ad0  Let's start documenting BuildBot
     new 9e46acb  Completes the BuildBot documentation
     new da183eb  Adds the md.html file for import in wiki page
     new 5a86d4a  Fixes(?) MD syntax for HTML import
     new a2a8608  We don't need a H1 title
     new 53accca  Removes useless cons/pros section
     new eec3486  Begins to add some technical information
     new 6887e2a  Adds an updateWiki.bat file, which relies on Pandoc. It's used to generate HTML files from .md files. Those are then imported from misc. wiki pages
     new f53f4f2  Updates after closing INFRA-15829 Also fixes themes for /images/ofbiz_logo.png
     new ddb00ef  Forgot to commit themes/README.md also updateWiki.bat still starts from root
     new 25a1832  Updates after recent Infra Jiras
     new d013bcb  HTML import in wiki misses the emoticons, better to remove them
     new 0b25b04  Better phrasing
     new e5fbb76  INFRA-15842 is done
     new 738cce1  This version was using tabs for leading indentations
     new 3003527  This is a long awaited fix which removes the "SUB" character from comments when merging in Windows. Using /b for binary when copying works.
     new 31b28bf  Fixes the RAT report
     new f535ff7  Fixes a typo
     new b88aada  This is no longer needed
     new 2160dfb  Improved: fixed a typo in Creating reports.md
     new 02b7402  Improved: gradlew --no-daemon "ofbiz --shutdown"  does not work (OFBIZ-10287)
     new ac031af  Improved: We should no longer have issue with Let's Encrypt renew
     new 81ec04e  Added exclude for *.adoc files
     new d79dfff  Improved: no functional change, wiki doc: let's encrypt works perfectly now
     new 8d11ce3  Improved: Data Migration by releases wiki page
     new 2abbd16  Improved: Excludes VERSION file
     new 7bc5a65  Improved: Added new mergefromplugins.sh to allow easier backports. (OFBIZ-10530)
     new 858d119  Updates the updateWiki.bat file for AsciiDoc files. Unlike Pandoc, calling asciidoctor in bat needs to use call, else the batch ends
     new f8a1b48  Fixed: Appended https protocol in ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/logs/ URL
     new db3f12e  Fixed: Appended https protocol in ci.apache.org/projects/ofbiz/logs/ URL
     new 3d4c5b5  Improved: Removed obsolete md5 check and set gpg output language to english
     new 10dc456  Improved: corrected language setting and unset after script
     new 97b7405  Improved: do not set/unset LC_MESSAGES, just use it with the gpg command
     new 56a1363  Improved: no functional change, use now asciidoctor to convert Birt Flexible Reports documentation
     new c16cc17  Improved: no functional change, uses now asciidoctor to convert Birt Flexible Reports documentation.
     new f71d1b9  No functional change. Make things smoother, like with updateWiki.bat
     new bbea4e1  No functional changes
     new b98d8b4  Improved: Convert Birt component doc from Markdown to AsciiDoc (OFBIZ-10647)
     new 7e9626b  Improved:  Remove the embedded self signed certificate on demos (OFBIZ-9659)
     new d80ef85  No functional changes.
     new f988d16  Nicolas changed the starting scripts and it does no fit in our VM (did not check why)
     new 89e8076  Removes useless lines Removes quote in can't which was interpreted by BASH
     new 2deb18e  Was missing ./gradlew --no-daemon pullAllPluginsSource
     new 5775d17  branch13.7-demo.patch should not be removed
     new 5d23340  Review ofbiz demo run script :  * add new file to consolidate function for reset svn and remove unnecessary files  * for old, add download contrast-rO0.jar and branch13.7-demo.patch if not present  * stop ofbiz before any modification on source code
     new c11ab42  Load contrast-rO0.jar if not present for old demo
     new aeb71f2  Few additions related to Git repos and configs
     new 433d89a  We need one fop.xconf.patch by demo and to apply it I'll change the scripts later...
     new d403e7f  Fixes a "typo" (wrong C/P actually)
     new 2eed00c  How to add a new branch in Buildbot
     new 4ea5469  Add patch management in script. Create a directory patch with sub directory for each environment and after a svn reset, apply all patch present on sub directory related.
     new fdd6d98  Add patches in each sub directory escaped on previous commit
     new 49360c9  Update for wiki
     new 7ad5fc3  Just noticed that some files in build/.gradle are reported as missing license We don't care about what is happening during Gradle build, that's temporary
     new 67ca612  I noticed that some files in build/.gradle are reported as missing license We don't care about what is happening during Gradle build, that's temporary
     new 25ff12e  Improved: Fix issues related to images paths on demos (OFBIZ-)
     new f00d9c1  Improved: Fix issues related to images paths on demos (OFBIZ-)
     new 59b14be  No functional change
     new 95c8062  We now recommend adoptopenjdk
     new ce0041a  Improved: Call nit-gradle-wrapper.sh if gradlew not present To prepare commit issue :     Remove the Gradle wrapper from our release packages     and add a step to our build notes (OFBIZ-10145)
     new e437856  Implemented: Remove the Gradle wrapper from our release packages and add a step to our build notes (OFBIZ-10145)
     new e163445  Adds the respective wrappers for each branch
     new 0145722  After adding the respective wrappers for each branch do the same for trunk It's clearer
     new dafc428  Improved: Upgrade to Gradle 5.5 (OFBIZ-11131)
     new fca90ee  No functional change, updates README.html on wiki
     new 9b47a28  Removes the Gradle Wrapper files copies in tools\Buildbot\Gradle\Wrapper The Gradle Wrapper files will stay in branches and trunk, so not point getting them during builds. As we know all we be handled during RM.
     new 4f1516b  Mostly updates README.md after the switch to ofbiz-vm3 (on Amazon) Also:  jesse.properties no longer exists in any branch (not sure why we have that)  we don't use init-gradle-wrapper.sh in demos
     new ef70f75  site-enabled3 files, more for history.
     new 675663e  Adds gradle/wrapper files. Those are not really ours and change when upgrading Gradle
     new c0439b4  Adds an ending new line while at it :)
     new 4845a8a  Updates demos wiki page
     new 29a9926  Updates demos documentation
     new 19b00d2  Amends demos documentation
     new 19b16a3  Improved: no functional change
     new 5eb0f22  Update OPIE and OPT links
     new d535207  Update wiki demo help
     new 7ac5d24  Updates dependency-check-report.html

The 144 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.