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Re: [OFBiz] Users - problem with sendGenericNotificationEmail?

Jacques Le Roux

It seems that I'm involved in this. When I did the "complete" i18n of
e-commerce module, I modified the templates in
/ofbiz/applications/ecommerce/templates/email (putting some uiLabelMap in
place of string, like here ${uiLabelMap.EcommerceReturnRequest} stands for
"Your return request for the following items:"). But there is no map
creation before in a bsh so it can't be resolved. I'm not completly sure of
this and especially if I have to backup email templates (thanks to my
Eclipse's Local History of 90 days/50 entries/1MB that I will pusch to at
least 365/100/10 !) or attempt to create a map. But I don't know where to
create this map. It seems that this service is called directly from
/ofbiz/applications/ecommerce/data/DemoProduct.xml and
/ofbiz/applications/ecommerce/data/DemoRentalProduct.xml (and like in
opentravalsystem and wholesale) ie no controller.xml/service.xml couple.
Here I must confess that I'm lost and my current knowledgde do not allow me
to go further...


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Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2005 1:54 AM
Subject: [OFBiz] Users - problem with sendGenericNotificationEmail?

> Hi.
> I'm getting a lot of error messages like this:
> 22639656 (invoker-Thread-44) []
> Service Error [sendGenericNotificationEmail]: Invalid email body; null
> is not allowed
> ...
> 22639657 (invoker-Thread-43) [ :ERROR]
> Expression uiLabelMap is undefined on line 30, column 3 in
> /applications/ecommerce/templates/email/returnaccept.ftl.
> The problematic instruction:
> ----------
> ==> ${uiLabelMap.EcommerceReturnRequest} [on line 30, column 1 in
> /applications/ecommerce/templates/email/returnaccept.ftl]
> ----------
> Is there a problem with this service?  Or did my version not catch up
> correctly to the current SVN?
> Si
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