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Jacques Le Roux
We were speaking about AJAX and LAZLO. I know it's not an open-source
library, but the promises of ULC from Canoo seem
very interesting too...


PS : needs also to be
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From: Jacques Le Roux  Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 8:08 PM

Looking at AJAX, it seems interesting to look also at and that is based
on the precedent

Don't know more about it, just a suggestion


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Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 4:54 PM
Subject: RE: [OFBiz] Users - Lazlo for OfBiz - Thoughts on AJAX? Meet at

I did a quick look at both. the Ajax examples wanted to load a new plugin,
so I assume it is not pure java.
the code of laslo has been moved out of the 3.0 frame work and has not
updated to the 3.2 framework.
IMHO if your going to go to all this trouble, why not use a Screen
generator, That generates SWT  code and provide your own library, or one
that ofbiz might provide, to connect to the Framework.

The other is to use a Screen generator that creates Widget code. To this end
I convert the output of my screen generators, XML file to Widgets. Not all
functions are covered in widgets, so I use applets.

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From: Matt Penner [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 7:53 AM
To: 'OFBiz Users / Usage Discussion'
Subject: RE: [OFBiz] Users - Lazlo for OfBiz - Thoughts on AJAX? Meet at

Hi Dale,

I've been heavily looking into this same area for a client, although I've
been looking at an AJAX solution.

I've been reading a lot tonight on Laszlo after taking a new look at your
emails.  It seems that both of us are just starting to delve into this area
as a new rich UI for OFBiz.

First off, lest community members start worrying about forking the project,
my current requirements are for an upcoming contract.  The client loves the
power of OFBiz but is coming from a desktop app and is unimpressed with the
UI.  If there is interest I would be very happy to share our work with the

Dale, I'd be happy to start a dialog with you on Laszlo and AJAX and see
what your goals are and what steered you towards Laszlo.  If there are
others in the community that are interested in this effort, especially David
or Andy, I'd like to see if a group of us could meet over dinner one night
at the conference.

>From my initial research it seems that both Laszlo and AJAX have different
pros and cons that can out weight each other depending on your goals and
experience.  It seems that both can be integrated in widget style
applications so they should be somewhat adaptable to the new widget scheme
of OFBiz.

For some info on AJAX here are a few links:
AJAX Wikipedia entry:
Adaptive Path Essay:
Some free AJAX scripts:

Very Powerful (Commercial) AJAX Controls - They're commercial but show the
power of AJAX
Grid Control: Check out the Inventory Management Demo - great idea for the
Order Management app
Web Combo Box:

And of course:
Google Suggests:
Google Maps:


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I think you were the one who expressed intrest in using Lazlo in OfBiz, I
found the following project on

When you get a chance please tell me what you think.

Thanks in advance,

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