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S K Pradeep kumar
Hi James,

Amazon $15 is a commission for product listing, so, you can use the
commission feature in the ofbiz.
Look at commission run :

Remaining everything is going as its. Just link the commission invoice with
actual order invoiceId as parent Id.

With regards,
S K Pradeep Kumar,

On Mon, Oct 14, 2019 at 11:19 PM <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Good Day.  We are trying to determine if Invoice Item Type can be used
> for processing Amazon orders in Ofbiz.
> Here is the scenario
> Customer purchases product on for a total of $100.
> We process the order from amazon but we have to account for amazon fees
> of $15
> So we want to show the order subtotal of $100 Amazon fees as new invoice
> item type of -$15 (similar to how discounts work)
> Total Order is $85.
> When Amazon sends us the payment it will be for $85 and we can process
> the $85 to close out the invoice.
> Question.  How can we add an additional invoice item type called Amazon
> Fees?  How can we trigger it to be added on the sales order?
> Thanks,
> James