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[OFBiz] Users - Payment method settings

Stephane Schitter

I am trying to set up an ecommerce site, and I would like to have only 2
possible ways for people to pay:
- Paypal
- Personal Check

I therefore set up the "Payment" settings in my "Store". The "paypal"
option appears in the payment options when an end-user tries to validate
his shopping cart. However I cannot get the Personal check to display...
Not sure why. What are the options that will enable this to be displayed ?

Also, in the ecommerce site, on the same payment selection screen (Step
n.3) the user gets when he validates his cart, I get two additional
links at the top that allow the user to create a "Credit Card" or an
"EFT account".

I have however not enabled these payment methods, and would prefer these
not to be displayed -- where I can turn this off ?

Thanks - I hope these are not silly questions -- newbie here :)


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