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when selecting a the main page, you're running the
"main" request and when viewing a category page,
you're running the "category" request.  In the
category request, category.bsh isn't run until the
category-include screen, which is in the body.  So,
the category description isn't available for the
header and thus, no category description in the title
bar.  There doesn't seem to be any ill effects on the
breadcrumbs screen by running category.bsh from the
category screen instead of the category-include

======Firas wrote:
Hi guys,

In Ecommerce, I'd like the category description to be
displayed in browser's
title bar. Here's how it looks in my header.ftl:
        <title>My Site - ${page.title?if_exists}</title>

The only view that do respond to this request is the
main page, which shows
"My Site - Featured Products" in the title bar. In all
the other views, "My
Site - " is displayed. The 'page.title' property gets
its value from a line
in category.bsh. Strange behavior, since the
descriptions property is not
empty for the other categories.

By the way, undersunconsulting.com displays similar
behavior, i.e. only the
main page displays additional dynamic title.

Thanks for your help,

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