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Gershaw, Geoffrey
Hello All,
After trying 3 hosters, I found a virtual hosting platform that can support ofbiz. The hoster is rimuhosting.com. They even setup ofbiz and got it running for me. Enough plug.
I am going to be using the ecommerce piece of ofbiz. For the shipping piece of the ecommerce app, I will be delivering all goods. There will be no UPS  options etc. The problem is I will only deliver 100 miles from the store. I want to modify the checkout process to look at the zip code and see if its in a list of approved zip codes. If it is, the order can go through. If not, I will present an error message telling the person to call the store etc.
I will use this same verification functionality on the homepage to allow a user to check if they can be delivered to before bothering shopping online.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to the code that handles the checkout and any idea of an approach?
Geoff Gershaw


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