[OFBiz] Users - Lazlo/ajax debate refrence to Vol 12 issue 33

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[OFBiz] Users - Lazlo/ajax debate refrence to Vol 12 issue 33

Hey Guy's,

Here is someone who has started integrating Lazlo with OFbiz but it
appears he has not really kept up with it. The build script does not
work(it was built on vers. 3.0b) but I have made the first ant -install
part working this morning but had no chance to figure out the rest yet. I
really would like this guy to join the dev group!

One statement in this thread really bothers me though, I don't think any
differences of opinion in the way OFbiz should render the view would have
an impact on  forking the project, that would just be a personal
preference. One guy may like Lazlo, the other AJAX etc. As far as Laslo
3.2 is concerned I am pretty sure I downloaded it last week and it has a
great open source license.
I originally wanted to do mine in Flash until David mentioned Lazlo.

My only reservation so far is that there seems to be a conflict with Lazlo
wanting to impose it's own SSL,. I do not fully understand the application
yet but the same goes for OFbiz for that matter :/ (I can't wait for the
new DVD's to come out!). I hope one of you more experienced developers can
help me with building the correct build.xml script. Changing the path in
the lps.properties and changing it to reflect the latest version of Lazlo
is a no brainer but I tried a few things this morning from about 5:00 AM
to 8:00 AM and I could not get it to complete the final Ant  build.....  
ANY TAKERS?.   |:)

Anyway I think this person devoted a lot of time into melding Lazlo with
OFbiz and it deserves some attention and should in no way divide the
community to the point of forking the project, that is just ludicrous in
the words of my favorite Bi Polar. As they say "there is more than one way
to skin a cat" (YUCK).

If any one has time please look at this site and download the LPS4biz app,
it's build integration is still  a bit beyond me since I am still pretty


I hope you all have a great time at the conference.
I only live three hours away but have prior commitments that keep me stuck
here in Jenks Oklahoma, I will be RE-TRAINING a certain educational
facility at the same time you all are having all of the fun. :(

I do wish you all the best,

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