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Item For Customer Deposit

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Re: Item For Customer Deposit

Pierre Smits
Hey James,

I have my doubts about the initial  'not doing inventory' statement in your
posting for the deposit good, as later you state that there is a physical
action to receiving the good when it is returned.

But isn't it so that the 'Product 124' is returned?

So I am going here with the assumption that there is a product in the
catalog called 'Product 124C - Core deposit for Product 124', and that
there is an obligation to have a paper trail for the burden of proof when
crediting for the returned goods.

In order to facility your business process with OFBiz, I suggest to explore
the following:

   1. go to the  'Account' page of the deposit good in the catalog, and
   2. set the appropriate GL account and Account Type for the sale
   3. set the appropriate GL account and Account Type for the return

Aspect #1 will inject the product specific gl account setting in the
invoice details when the sale is materialised into an invoice. The same
applies for credit invoices with aspect #2 on registration of returns.

Next thing to do would set up a promotion for the Product 124, so that when
such a product is ordered the 'Product 124C - Core deposit for Product 124'
will be injected into the order (and will exist in the invoice).

I trust the above helps

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

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On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:09 PM, <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I was wondering were can I set up an product that we don't inventory but
> I want it to act like a customer deposit.  So when I sell the item it
> should reflect as an AR receivable with an offset of a "current
> liability"
> So here is an example:
> Sales Order
> Product 124 - Battery  - $5
> Product 124C - Core deposit for Product 124 - $2
> Sales tax - $.30
> When invoiced we would need the Accounting Transaction to be the
> following
> Credit Sales $5
> Credit - Core Deposit $2
> Credit Sales Tax Collected $.30
> Debit Accounts Receivable $7.30
> When the core is returned we would need to create credit memo against
> the Core Deposit GL Account
> So my question is there an area where we can automatically set and
> override the sales account
> Thanks,
> James